Woodlyne T.


Jeanne Petit


Woodlyne T. Hercules was born in a traditional household in Port au Prince, Haiti. Her mother is a devoted Christian, she was influenced to find interest in reading her Bible in her early days as well start working in church. She is the youngest of her three other siblings. She was always busy and involved in all the different church activities. 


In 2000, after completing High school in Haiti, she decided to let God take control of her destiny, wanting to make a difference by helping the youth  to close the gap between their spirituality and the world. 


Wodlyne Hercules attended college and graduated in Business management, journalism and currently studied Physical Therapy 


Interesting fact about Woodlyne, she likes art and  literature. In her free time she writes poems, she likes music but loves jazz She founded Flanbo Kreyol with a mission to highlight the Haitian culture in all its essence, 1999. She also initiated Soleil des arts an artisanal boutique and youth choir MED'A in 2000 


Woodlyne had always been very dedicated and hardworking when trying to achieve  her goal. She does not let any obstacles get in her way; she preserves and keep working toward her dreams. She has a strong faith and remember what is truly important in life.  


She does not give easily, she stays positive and always works around the obstacles to achieve her dreams. She likes things orderly and disciplined. She always encourages others to move forward and progess.