Sophonie Joseph-Laurore

Jeanne Petit

Born on March 2nd, 1983 and raised in Haiti. Right before she came her parents, Pierre S. Joseph and Janine Miracle, gave their lives to Christ. She grew up learning how priceless and valuable church is. She has two big brothers, Reginald and Sauny Joseph. Besides God, her mom, Janine Miracle, is the is the reason why she started singing…  She always had a song that would burst from her heart to her heart to her lips. Eventually, singing became so contagious that she passed it on to Sophonie. She started singing everywhere, at home, at different churches and meetings… she was probably six or seven years old when she stood and sang in front of Harmonie Baptist church, the family's church located right in the heart of Pele City in Port-au-Prince. 

Back then, she joined two groups, "Choeurs des Anges" and "Sunrise". She was about thirteen years of age when she joined the big choir and she sat right next to my mother. This singing brought her so much joy and peace even as a teenager. Because her parents worried about the safety in their town safety condition; she left Haiti on that faithful day of July 15, 1999 and moved to Homestead, Florida. This was my third trip traveling in the U.S. But this time it was different. Her parents wanted the best for her and her other two brothers whom were already abroad.

She was sixteen when she moved here in the United States. With her whole life in front of her she adjusted. Even though she had a lot of questions that were unanswered she kept on singing. She had a lot of anger because she didn’t understand why she had to leave Haiti and move here. She joined her family’s church, First Haitian Evangelical Baptist Church of Homestead, and there she became very active. She sang in one group called VOICE. She served the church in many ministries, Youth, Church Choir, Sunday school, committees, etc...

About a year later, in December 2000 her mother died. Her best friend died in her absence. She didn’t understand why God would let something like that happen. She kept asking God “why” while she listened, sang, and cried that entire night… and she heard God’s still voice say: “Your life is not over because your mom left, but if I ever leave you… your life will be over!” From that moment on she decided to trust God with her life and future. The family sat down in their living room to watch the mother’s funeral on tape… and this was very painful.  Their immigration status was still pending so they couldn’t go to the funeral. This was a really tough time, and they  got through it as a family.

After graduating from High School, she waited about two years to begin her college education. As she waited, she kept on singing... she sang through it all. Every time she would hear her mom’s favorite verse or one of her favorite songs… she would get so emotional but God consoled, mended and shaped her through the years. He reminded her that one day she’ll be reunited with mom again. The devil had many plans to terminate and finish her but God kept me through every trial, through every mountain. He kept me victorious through Jesus Christ. Life circumstances tried knocking her over time after time. She got up after every fall and kept on going. She just had to trust God. She just had to believe that there is got to be more to life for her.


She went on and attended Miami Dade College. In 2007, she graduated with Arts Associate degree. She then moved to Miami where finding a church became a dilemma. She attended different churches and longed to find one to call her own. One particular church that held her strong in her faith was Siloe Pentecostal Church of God.  Certainly, had it not been for the messages that God spoke to her there every Sunday… she could have been dead today. 

Sophonie continued her education at Florida International University; in 2010 she earned her Bachelor’s degree in French and minor in Education. She finally became a regular attendee at Trinity Church and became a member in 2011. In 2012, she then completed her master’s degree, in Urban Education specialized in TESOL. She is now an Adjunct Professor at Miami Dade College. She is diligently working on her single to be released very soon. Sophonie is happily married to her husband Ronald Laurore. Together they reside in North Miami Beach, Florida.