Jeanne Petit

Jeanne Petit began her journey as a Woman of God in Haiti as the 2nd daughter of Missionary parents. These missionary travels brought the family to Montreal, Canada where Jeanne grew up in the Christian community of Longueuil, Quebec. At the age of 8 years old, Jeanne made her confession and accepted Christ as her Lord and personal Savior. As an active member of Emmaus Evangelical Church in Canada, she participated in many activities including the youth choir, evangelism and also provided clerical support as an administrative assistant.

As the daughter of Christian leaders, Jeanne was directly exposed to ministry’s social, cultural and musical aspects. This experience engaged her to continue her involvement over the years.

As a holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, majored in Organizational Psychology and Management, Jeanne has worked together with Executives and Managers in various fields, while living in New York City for 15 years. She brings a wide range of knowledge and experience to Impact Ambiance having prior experience with the international community. Jeanne is also fluent in English, French and French Creole and also demonstrates exceptional communication skills.

Jeanne is currently living in South Florida with her family and is determined to continue walking with the Lord and expanding her sphere of activity to touch the lives of young Christians. After much reflection and prayer for direction in this new chapter in her life, the Lord led Jeanne to the Impact Ambiance team. After an initial meeting, she immediately recognized her talents and abilities could be used to serve the Lord as a member of this amazing visionary team.